Cheaper or Expensive Clothes?

Often we hear the saying, “I’m not cheap! I am just frugal. Or also ” You get what you pay for? Sounds familiar? These phrases are often heard when talking about prices of things we purchased, like clothes.
I used to be an avid fan of shopping clothes back in my high school years. I really wanted to own expensive brands. But then, I had only such a low budget so my only option was low cost clothing in the range of $10-20. For that budget, I would normally shop at Walmart, Ross, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 and other small independent fashion chains. The cons about buying inexpensive clothing is that the clothing tend to quickly shrink, fade or damage, sometimes even in the first wash. I would often get rid of my unusable clothes at least at a ratio of 7 out of 10 clothes. Not good.  How I deeply wish I could afford to splurge on expensive clothes.  Don’t get me wrong. There are cheaper clothes that lasted long, too. Sometimes, I am lucky to find great selection and prices at TJ Max, H&M or Old Navy. It is usually a hit or miss.
What are Your Brands?
As years went by and I found a corporate job, I started purchasing somehow expensive clothing a little at a time from brands like New York&Co, Banana Republic, and Loft. In my opinion, I hated NewYork&Co because the quality is not worth their price. They were the very first brand I was able to afford expensive clothes. For less than a year, I was a devoted shopper at their stores.
What is your Budget
I used to buy clothes between $10-$20 so anything above this price is considered expensive for me. My definition of expensive is in the price range of $30-$60. I am not willing to spend higher than $60 per piece of clothes. At this price range, I am able to find decent quality clothes from brands like Loft and Banana Republic especially on discounted prices. I am not insane of overly expensive brands like Prada or Burberry. It is not that I dislike their brand or their products, I just believe that it is not worth the price to spend that much money on clothes.
What determines you to purchase your preferred brand of clothes?
Is it the brand, price or what country its made of? For me, brand does not really matter. Although there are others who purchase certain brands only because it is famous or its endorse by certain person they like. Contrary, although it is a good brand, others will not purchase it because it is endorse by particular person they dislike.

Sometimes, it is really tempting to purchase overly expensive brands. To avoid regrets later, just think twice about it. I have a couple of friends who bought LV purses for the price of $700. That’s just so insane but it is understandable that for some people, the satisfaction is a therapy for them. Yes, my friends are happy they got their $700 LV purse but they are now broke apparently. I would not want to be on that situation of having an expensive purse and then, my wallet inside it is emptied. Not a great feeling. Smh!

Cheap or Expensive?
Every person have different preference and belief. Everyone have different limit of budget and standards. It does not matter if it’s expensive or not. As an individual, the decision is up to you. You know better what is reasonably price, what perfectly fits and what is great quality of material.

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43 Thoughts to “Cheaper or Expensive Clothes?”

  1. I definitely prefer quality over price these days, but I don’t go anywhere near designer clothes. The quality isn’t enough to justify the price.

  2. Susan

    I’m with you on the quality being a factor. I hate buying expensive things because of the likelihood that I will break or lose them. At the same time, I’ve lived long enough to see plenty of cheap stuff end up in the trash. I like to purchase a quality expensive item with birthday, Christmas or tax return money, but on the rare occasions I can splurge I have to remind myself not to choose quantity over quality!

  3. I so rarely shop, I just don’t know where I fall on quality vs price, lol! Nowadays I’m less concerned with price, but if I shopped more I’d need to care….

  4. It seems like we live in a world where styles are changing so quickly, so everything is cheap and cheaply made! Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself though to a nice piece that will last a few years/seasons. Like a really good pair of shoes, or jeans. Otherwise, I love buying affordable pieces that last long enough for me to get a decent price per wear.

  5. I love mixing high and low pieces!

  6. I’m much the same way-I cannot justify spending more than $20 on a simple top, because to me, it’s just clothes. Shoes are a different story 😉 but it’s quality over brand name

  7. I loved NY&Co before they left my area. I have found an amazing second hand store with even bigger brand names that only takes pieces in excellent shape, and I spend less than I was at the mall!

  8. I definitely flip flop between cheap and quality. I think it all depends. As I get older, I tend to invest in more expensive durable pieces. Baby clothes on the other hand, I go for cheap because they outgrow them so fast!

  9. I think this is a great post!!! Yes, ‘you get what you pay for’ does apply to a certain extent. At the same time, the pendulum can DEFINITELY swing the other way in that some brands are so expensive, not because of quality, but because of the name. Thanks so much for sharing this! <3

  10. I like to buy quality pieces, but also don’t like to buy them at full price. I’m always looking for sale items. I find things from the Gap/Banana Republic tend to be good quality, and at sale prices, they are affordable.

  11. This is a tough on for me. I’m a minimalist and wear the same few shirts pretty much everyday. I will say, that through constant washings, clothes have to be made with good material. Spending a little more helps with that. Sorry but there’s a reason things cost more. The sewing, the string it’s made out of… all those factors.

  12. When buying clothes I make my decisions based on the quality and price. I do not buy things because of their brand. I tend to buy things when they are on sale. This saves me a lot of money. I admit, I am cheap and proud of it lol.

  13. I like a mix of both. My staple pieces, like jeans, coats, and shoes, tend to be higher quality. They are more expensive, but I still wait for a sale. My more trendy and fun pieces, I’m willing to not invest in. So for those, I like going to H&M and Forever 21.

  14. Paige Strand

    Quality is crucial. I used to enjoy a great deal, until I realized how quickly this stuff wore out. Now I rock a balance between frugal and designer.

  15. I definitely choose quality over cheap clothes nowadays. This is something that has changed as I have gotten older.!

  16. I’m definitely a cheap fan, hate spending money!

  17. most people brag about how expensive their clothes are and I’m like I got this for $5! haha

  18. I choose clothes that I think are cute and comfy, but I do tend to err on the less expensive side.

  19. Definitely splurge for the staple pieces but I love Ross, Forever21, H&M for the trendier items

  20. I love mixing brands. I always love to get quality pieces but during sales or with some discount and try to create balance while shopping.

    Rita |

  21. While I appreciate quality innovative designs (which unfortunately come with a hefty price tag) what I enjoy the most is upcycling thrift store and other used clothing in new unique ways. I’m always more proud of successful upcycles over things with a hefty price tag any day.

  22. I used to be like you cheap budget clothes. I was also young and on a budget. But I saw the trend in clothes and shoes, that you do get what you paid for. Instead of having a lot I rather have a few quality pieces and know that they will last longer than a few wears and washes. But I do see people that want to shop almost on a weekly basis so that means they have to skimp on quality.

  23. I prefer cheap! But I do get higher quality stuff only I wait for sales.

  24. I think sometimes is better to have less clothes but more expensive than a lot and cheap because the quality is really important

  25. I am definitely a frugal shopper… frugal, not necessarily cheap. I like the nicer things, but I refuse to pay full price for them. I am a big fan of waiting for sales/clearance or finding coupons.

  26. I never buy cheap shoes. No fun to have hurting feet.

  27. I try to balance this out. I will buy more expensive shoes and suits because they are pieces I want to last. But I don’t have a problem buying cheap tshirts.

  28. I have a lot of cheap clothes, but I think that it would be better to buy high quality locally sourced clothing that lasts…but I am still working off baby weight, so I don’t want to make the financial commitment until I get to my goal 🙂

  29. Quality is crucial, I always strike a balance between being frugal and brands.Nice thoughts 🙂

  30. I usually won’t go over $40 for an item. H&M is my favorite brand. Quality clothes at a great price!

  31. I prefer quality, but sometimes I will settle for cheap if I am in a bind. Also, for my children I like to get them quality shoes because it fits better. Sometimes I will get inexpensive clothing if I know it’s just for a short period of time.

  32. I prefer quality, no matter what the price if I’ll be wearing it to an event or if it’s a favorite staple piece, but if it’s just a basic tee to throw under a blouse, I definitely don’t mind going a bit cheaper on that one.

  33. The quality needs to be there regardless of brand. Sometimes I will treat myself to a more expensive brand, but usually try to get cheaper for quality. I love Kate Spade for a treat 🙂

  34. lex

    Cheap or Expensive, whichever am confy in and makes me looks good, am good to go. Price isnt everything, sometimes the cheap ones are more quality than the expensive ones.

  35. Depends on the item. For example, I am too old for a cheap sports bra! 🙂 The workout top that goes over it doesn’t have to be expensive, though…

  36. When I was a teen, American Eagle was definitely a favorite!

  37. Liz

    I like a mix! I go for cheaper basics and splurge on accessories!

  38. Having worked in a clothing store for a while I know that in general the prices are jacked up really high for many many brands. Many places say that you get what you pay for but the tag says made in Bangladesh. When we know the conditions that those people work in, it becomes a deal breaker. I always try to look for brands that are from north America, wich means I pay more, but I do actually get what I pay for. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  39. Your info is quite interesting

  40. I worked at Loft for about 6 years and LOVE their style and the company in general. Now I own my own fashion-resale boutique and come across quite a bit of Loft pieces. I know I can rely on their quality! My average prices are $8-$14 if you ever want to check it out!

  41. I tend to be more on the frugal side and have a hard time spending more than $20 on a piece of clothing. That being said, if I really love something and have a specific purpose for it, I might splurge and go for it!

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