In Search of Happiness

Happiness is a choice that everyone desires to find and keep. It is often said that the real source of happiness comes from within ourselves and that every individual have their own definition of happiness. Depending on what matters to an individual, the value of happiness can range from material things to pursuing dreams. So, what is happiness to you?

Being rich is not always the answer to happiness. Many of us yearn to win the lottery or have plenty of money but knowingly,  money does not really buy lasting happiness. Money and material things may be just a temporary solution to stress and sadness but it is not a solution to our true happiness.

Happiness is being satisfied with the quality of life. No matter what situation it may be, feeling good to accept every outcome of it will help understand the in depth meaning of our own happiness. With consistent effort, practicing the following points can guide an individual to become happy naturally.

1. Meditation Always find inner peace. Escaping from the chaos can recharge your mind, body and soul. Through tranquility, you can easily listen to your heart, imagine your desires, figure out your purpose and let go of negativity. Stop worrying of many things.

2. Practice gratitude by being thankful for every little things. Be contented with what you have because we cant have it all. Learn to forgive and forget and live in the present. Create positive interaction. Be generous while expecting nothing in return.

3. Embrace failure because no one is perfect. In every mistake, we always learn a thing or two that help us to be better each trial. Accept every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

4. Travel and create experience. Life is full of adventure. Life is full of surprises. Follow where your heart may bring you. Explore new things and create memories. Meet new people.

5. Be with others who make you smile.  Always surround yourself only with positive people. Create friendship that uplifts your soul.

6. More importantly, love yourself. Stop pleasing others. As you please them, others’ expectation just becomes greater urging yourself to give more and leaving nothing for yourself. It does not matter if other people does not like you or love you. Just remember, what matters is that you know what makes you happy.

Tell it all. What is your definition of happiness?

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  1. Great post! I agree with your tips you mentioned. Happiness is not looking everywhere to find it – it has to start from within.

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