Things You Could Have Done Before Having a Baby

Motherhood and career are common issues that will always generate debate to every woman. For parents who cannot afford the quality of life they prefer, a mother would often choose to continue working but she would have to sacrifice missing the baby’s milestones for their welfare. Some new mothers will only take available paid leave but they are not just willing to give up on their good paying job for good. In exchange of this choice, it becomes likely that the child would grow distant from the mother.

Having a baby on board can completely change a woman’s life around. Plans have to be made thoroughly but remember that plan A is never enough sometimes. Having plan A, B and C is essential in case things does not fall the way as expected. For instance, plan A is to work as much as possible even while still pregnant. But what if pregnancy becomes difficult that it will require staying in bed. Plan B can be to rely on one salary for a short period of time until it’s possible to go back to work. But what if being a new mother has required the need to provide extensive care and presence to the baby.

What would you do? Are you willing to source care and still continue your career or are you willing to stay home and pause your great career. What could you have done to prepare your career before having a baby? Let’s talk about it. The most important preparations to motherhood are arranging financials and career.



The sooner the better and while still single and flexible. For instance, if possible or while still single, invest money to build a second streamline of income.

– Saving money is one of the things that many women have regret not doing. Why being still young and free, splurging is the norm before having a baby but not necessarily true. Later in life, many will realize how money should have been valued and invested. If possible, start saving money by investing on stocks or just allocating certain percentage of your salary to your savings account. It is understandable that it is difficult to maintain savings account nowadays, but it is a must thing to have.

– Get a clear picture of your expenses. Reduce as much as possible unnecessary expenses. Don’t create debts. If not, make the effort to get rid of them as the piling expenses while raising a child may make it difficult to keep up.  If there are many debts to pay, then prioritize debts that have higher interest rate first.



As much as possible, always follow your career of interest. However, it is also essential to find a job that is flexible to the requirement of motherhood. Being a mother will require a lot of time off from work such as attending the baby’s appointment or if not, to care when the baby is sick.

– If it is not possible to find a compassionate employer, start looking for remote employment or work at home opportunity. It is important to not give up current career while testing the reliability of remote employment.

– Keep in mind, the best money making tool is a hobby, too. Be it making soaps, candle or website, it could be a great second source of income. No hobby? Surely, everyone does unless this hobby has not been discovered yet. It is good time to start trying things now and figure a hobby of interest. Who knows, this hobby can be turned into business and it will be the solution or option to work closely at home.

As a woman, it becomes difficult to define our priorities. There is no option to go back in time and pre-plan things again once you enter the world of motherhood. If you have choices now, make it priority to figure it out before you plan to start your own family. Even though plans may not always work, don’t be discouraged. It is better to plan, start and fail now than never at all.

It is your turn to talk about it. What preparations could you have done before having your baby?

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28 Thoughts to “Things You Could Have Done Before Having a Baby”

  1. chaza

    Nice post and great tips. I agree all the things you have mentioned here. We are so glad that we traveled as much as we can before ave a our baby. Thanks for sharing.

  2. heidi

    I worked while my kids were small but I chose to work while thy were sleeping so I wouldn’t miss anything. I always sort of wished I had gone to college before becoming a mother but I wouldn’t trade my choices for the world.

  3. I was concerned about it 8 years ago! now I have 2 children and I’m restarting my career, I don’t regret choosing my children as priority above career, I may just regret having some times regretting my choice!
    Have faith in your choice and go for it!

  4. The one thing I did learn before having my children almost 21 years ago was that it is never the right time to have a baby. Things change, economies go up and down, jobs get lost, health issues arise. But somehow, it always seems to work out.

  5. Great tips for anyone wanting to get their career and finances in order before having a baby. Luckily, I give piano lessons so I am able to be at home and be a Mom. I didn’t have children until my 30s, not by choice, just didn’t find a husband. So I was lucky in being able to travel and do some other things before having kids. It’s so difficult to juggle career and motherhood. Kudos to all those who do it every day.

  6. Ivonne

    Excellent advice for new moms! I worked my butt off before the kids were born and then started working from home which was a blessing having the flexibility to work around meal times and naps really helped me raise my kids, earn a living and not miss those special moments!

  7. Yes, very true. We always try to be money aside just in case. Kids are expensive!

  8. Love the poll idea to get others opinions, how fun

  9. As a mom of four, I have to say I agree with you. It would have been so nice if I would have save up money for having children, at least with my first two children. The financial commitments for children is very great. It’s almost never ending. I also agree with you about finding a compassionate employer. When my husband got out of the army, that’s one of the things we took into consideration when he was choosing a new employer. Having an employer or working for a company who is family-friendly really puts your mind at ease.

  10. To be honest, we just had them and sorted out the rest.. i feel like no one is ever really ready for parenthood.. but setting money aside is always a good idea!

  11. This is definitely enlightening. We are family planning and I have noted these tips!

  12. I think you shared a thoughtful post for women who aspire to be mothers, To be honest I was always told and expected to have children but as I continue to get older, I realized there is so much I want to do and perhaps motherhood really isn’t for me – it was what society expected of me. Totally respect amazing mothers out there and I hope others take the time to read this post to really think about if raising a family is what they want before they realize to late that making they wanted to wait a little while to do so or not have one at all

  13. Amazing advice! I definitely want to travel and make sure I’m secure before having a baby!

  14. Super advice for all parents out there. Thank you for sharing !

  15. Good advice. I waited until later to get pregnant, which I feel helped me accomplish these things.

  16. Great list! We have two teens and we are still saving; now it is for cars & school books

  17. Great tips, I wish I had figured out what I “wanted to be when I grew up” earlier, rather than wasting my years as a young professional in a career that I ultimately ended up hating. Now I just had my 3rd baby, and am working to rebuild my business while working a flexible part-time job to bring in the income we need. It’s a constant battle that never quite seems to balance out!

  18. Anonymous

    I don’t have kids or think I will have any BUT I do think we all could have wished we had certain finances in order before making a major life decision.

  19. Lay

    I don’t have any children yet but you made great points about being proactive. Planning is so important!

  20. No kids for me yet, but I can totally relate about getting certain finances in order before certain times in my life.

  21. Great post. We decided to travel a little bit before we decided to have a baby. I will need to back to work not because of great career but we want to build a house

  22. I don’t have kids yet but I’m definitely keeping this in mind for when I do!

  23. great thigs to think about for people wanting to have children. although j don’t regret having kids so young, there are a lot of things I wish I had done before I decided to have kids!

  24. If I ever had a baby, I would surely have my finances in order and a stable career.

  25. lex

    great lists of stuffs here, truly alot of these are must do before the baby comes, and we should plan ahead and better. great blog by the way.

  26. So true. Once baby is a bit older you can travel again! The money will most likely never be the same but the gift of a baby is far greater than money!

  27. I wish I had traveled more, written a book, and not wasted so much time that I had a baby!

  28. No kids but I hope i’ll be able to do all the things… all the time!

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