3 Reasons To Start A Blog

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog? Why not go for it? There is nothing to lose!

Check out these reasons why you should definitely create your own blog.

1. A creative outlet

Do you enjoy writing? Are you a creative person? Me too! I remember taking my first creative writing class in high school and I fell in love with it. If you are in a job where you can’t use those creative juices, blogging is an excellent outlet for you. One thing that I strongly believe in with blogging is to NOT WORRY about what people think. That was probably the main thing that held me back for so long with starting a blog. Remember, you are writing this blog and you are in control of what content that you put out there. Some people just aren’t going to understand it or like it, but others with similar interests (like you) are going to love your blog! Trust me, you won’t think that anyone is reading it at first, but you’d be surprised. Someone always is. Stick to what you love writing about and what you’d like to read.

2. Gain Income

That’s right, if you really enjoy your blog and put in the effort to create consistent content, then you have the chance of making some extra money. You can make a little money on advertisements, collaborations with other bloggers, and freelance writing or guest blogging on others posts. Don’t quit your day job though right away, because this will take some time/effort.

3. Networking and connections

There are so many groups on Facebook that you can find to network with other bloggers. Just do a search for “bloggers” and you will find a ton. These groups will help you establish relationships and you can learn so much from other bloggers (new or experienced). I try to network and meet as many other bloggers as I can. It is such a positive community and everyone has to start somewhere, so others understand that and are willing to help you. Trust me, I knew nothing about “SEO” when I first started and I’m still learning!

So don’t be afraid to get started! You never know where your blog will take you.

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I am a twenty-six year old marketing girl, living in the DC area. I've always had a passion for fashion, makeup, and all things beauty. My goal is to inspire the everyday girl to have fun and experiment with different fashion and beauty trends.
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8 Thoughts to “3 Reasons To Start A Blog”

  1. I started blogging 3 weeks ago and im still learning but im lovinf it.. I am know amazing writer tho lol but like you said dont care what others think… Thanks for sharing x

  2. I definitely agree with the creative outlet. I wanted to write, but had no clue what to write about. One day it came to me, so I decided to start a blog. Since then, the friends I have made along the way are a huge bonus! I love the blogging community!

  3. Excellent reasons to start a blog. I just said “why not” one day and taught myself everything I needed to know… Okay YouTube may have helped…

  4. I love #1. I never realised I was in fact a creative person until I found an outlet that let me flourish.

  5. I started blogging in 2011, but I was not consistent with it. It’s definitely a lesson learned. Be consistent.

  6. Great points – belonging to some blogging groups is a real community feeling and I have learnt so much.

  7. LOVE this post! I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and I really had no idea how much I’d love it. Prior to blogging, I had so much creative energy pent up, but had no idea what to do with it. Now that I’m starting to actually make some income with the blog, it’s even more encouraging. Thanks for sharing <3

  8. Really inspiring! 🙂
    I have a tech news blog. But, now I am thinking about starting a thoughts and ideas blog. 🙂

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