How To Reclaim Your Time on Facebook Groups

If you are anything like me, you are probably in multiple Facebook groups centered on blogging and your niche.

I didn’t realize I was in so many groups until I spent half of my day trying to respond to various posts that I participated in. I couldn’t believe how much time I wasted just sitting there in these Facebook groups.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the point of having groups on Facebook. They can be great for building a community and tribe around your niche.

It is a great idea to start a Facebook group for your audience to participate in and be connected with each other and you.

Being a part of a Facebook group is a bit different. You should only be a part of groups that help you build a better business and brand; not hinder. You don’t want to find yourself stuck within a group all day. Let me be clear: you know those group threads where you post your link to something you want shared and you have to share ALL of the links in the thread? If there are hundreds of people in this group and you spend a huge portion of your day commenting and sharing all of their content, you leave no time to work on your own content or business.

I found myself in this very situation. Enough was enough and it was time to reclaim my time. Here are some things you can do to get back on track as well.

Go through your groups

If you haven’t participated consistently in the last 30 days, leave the group. I was in over 50 groups! I did not know that I even joined this many groups. But it happens, you go to someone’s awesome blog and you join their group. But if you aren’t engaging, you are doing that group a disservice.

If a group does not fit your niche, leave the group.

I was a part of a group of mom that have an Etsy shop. Why? I don’t know! If you have groups that don’t fit your niche, then it’s probably best that you leave that group.

Leave groups that have too many members.

I believe that Facebook groups work best with smaller numbers. You want to engage, network, and get to know people authentically. If there are thousands of members, there’s no way that can be done. Stick with your smaller groups in order to build an organic network.

Don’t be a part of groups who are only about sharing content and not cultivating it. If all the group is meant for is posting links and sharing links to get more views and that’s it, then this group is not best for you. Sure, you may get plenty of views but these views are just that, views; not an engaging audience.

Find groups that are about support, networking, and helping you build your business and brand.

I went through my now 20 groups that were left and found the groups that I found to be supportive and most helpful since being a part of them. That left about 8 groups; 8 out of 50! This number is much more manageable and I am able to be more active and engaging with those within them.

After I had reduced my number of Facebook groups, I added Facebook group engagement to my time blocking schedule. To learn more about time blocking, check out my post on this topic here.

Now, I don’t spend more time than necessary on Facebook.

So now I am giving you homework! Go through those Facebook groups. Ask yourself what you are getting from the group, are you even participating, is it helping or hindering you. I am sure you will reclaim some time to your day and get more out of being a part of fewer groups!

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Kristie is an online business coach and social media strategist. She strives to be a mentor among mothers wanting to create businesses in order to have the freedom to be at home. She is a mom of 3.

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