Leverage Your Marketing With The Influence of Bloggers

Favor: please ask yourself

“When looking for answers or information about a product, service or company, where do I usually look?”

If your answer is the Internet, then you should understand and agree that the strong influence of the digital marketing is reshaping everything nowadays. It is a powerful approach that must be undertaken, especially if you are company. And truly, the most suitable resource that can definitely help shape the thoughts of your potential customers are bloggers.

The influence of a professional blogger has grown significantly in the past years. Thus, as a company, collaborating with bloggers should be part of your marketing strategy. Leverage from professional bloggers to create compelling voice for your brand.

Choosing The Right Blogger


The most important aspect that defines the success of collaborating with blogger is relevancy. Every blogger constitute a different niche, which is demonstrated as their own expertise. As a first step, you must find a blogger whose niche is relevant to your industry. A blogger relevant to your industry can create a successful voice that will precisely target and influence the right audience for your company.

Audience & Quality

You can measure the influence of a blogger by determining the number of audience that follows their site. Just search the keyword “site page view” on any search engine and you will find many tools available that can measure the traffic visits from a particular site. The higher the page view count and amount of time an audience spend on said site is what can leverage to a quality ranking content for your brand.

Blogger Social Engagement

You can benefit with content marketing through one blogger but to better optimize the results of your marketing campaign, engage with multiple bloggers. Imagine having at least five bloggers simultaneously mentioning and promoting your company, product or service through their blogs and social media channels. If each of those bloggers have 1,000 followers and you have five bloggers endorsing your company, that’s results to a lot of potential customers.


Once you find the right bloggers that will represent your company, its time to design a creative strategy that will help bloggers appeal to potential customers. Other than creating valuable content, sponsoring contest or providing giveaways to audience is a common practice that bloggers incorporate into. Offering the blogger an attractive product to giveaway during blogger engagement can entice many shares from their audience and refer potential customers to your site.

It is almost 2017 and it is about time for every company to be creative with their advertising. Many big companies have already started to recognize the influence of bloggers and are setting serious plans into action. You should be, likewise!

Start your blogger search now in our blogger directory and imagine how the blogger industry can boost awareness of your company.


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