Blogger Engagement

Ardent Views connects your company to various profile of bloggers who can share your message through different methods of online engagement.  Blogger engagement events can create exposure you need when you have a new company, new products or services, promotion or  you just want to increase product or service reviews and social awareness about your company. Hire one blogger to frequently create content for your website or up to 20 bloggers to simultaneously promote and boost the online presence of your company.

How does blogger engagement event works?

  1. We will email you a form to submit your information including requirement, topics or specifics.
  2. We initiate the event by inviting qualified bloggers to join the program based on your niche and targeted country.
  3. Selected bloggers will have a week to publish their content in their blog and social media channels.
  4. Blogger participants will have two weeks duration to engage their content through different methods of engagement.
  5. Each blogger will be paid at a minimum amount but the top performing blogger will be paid a maximum amount.

What are different methods of engagement?

  • Blog comments and social share
  • Social media post like, share & comment (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon)
  • Live demo videos
  • Blog click through

What is the benefits of blogger engagement?

Bloggers will promote your message through their blog site and their social media channels which will create social buzz and target more awareness about your brand.

Each blogger will be required to include a link of your website which will optimize your website in search engines.

How will I track the progress of each blogger?

Each blogger will be required to submit links of their published article, including links shared via social media. We used analyzing tools to track activity of those links.

How much is the cost?

We have different tiered pricing, depending on the amount of consultants participating or the maximum number of participants you are willing to accept.

To get started or if you have more questions, please fill out our contact form.

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